At the end of the day it's the results that matter


Thanks for offering the programme to us, it has been a huge achievement for Ben. You made it so it wasn't a big issue and the process was very clear. It was great to see Ben taking responsibility with the weekly phone calls.

The results have truly surprised us.

David White

I am emailing you thanking you for your assistance with the bed wetting programme that has resolved Simon's issues.

As you know Simon was a chronic bed wetter and we had not been able to find a solution to stop the problem that was starting to affect his life.

The system used and the buy in by Simon was excellent. It was easy and exciting for him to use and that made it rewarding for him as he worked through the complete process. The way the system let Simon take control and be accountable for his actions I think was a leading factor in his success.

Simon has now been dry for several months now and has had no issues when staying away from home.

Paul and Jan

Our son was 8 years old and such a heavy sleeper we never thought he'd have a dry night. But with the bed alarm and Sam's guidance he became fully dry within 10 weeks. Absolutely fantastic. It was the best Christmas present we could have wished for.

We highly recommend this programme, thanks so much Sam.


As you know our son would never wake up during the night for the toilet we tried other methods to train him but nothing worked. He also took a long time to settle at nights. After progressing through the program he is now waking and going to the toilet himself and is settling a lot earlier at nights.

The program was easy for him to use, it was great that he was in control of everything in the process which I think helped him to his successful outcome. The look on his face when he achieved another dry night was wonderful. He has been dry for a couple of months now.

You had a wonderful rapport with our son he always had confidence in ringing you knowing he wasn't getting judged but fully supported.

Thank you very much for all your help.

Jim & Rachel Jones

Sam began working with our 13-year-old son in mid 2012 and guided him to become dry in approximately 12 weeks.

Our son has had a significant bedwetting history most of his life and has been through a variety of programmes including medication, bedwetting alarms, star charts and natural medicines. All of these programmes had some success however he always eventually regressed.

Sam's programme includes a number of elements that are different from other programmes and which we believe made the difference for our son.

These are:

- Responsibility: All responsibility is put onto the child. The problem is theirs to solve, naturally with the support of Sam and their parents. (I am unsure if Sam has the same expectations for younger children)

- Support: This is offered in a variety of ways. Daily charting with weekly phone calls to discuss progress and set targets and goals for the following week keep the child constantly focused on small but specific goals. As our son was older he had the option to text Sam at anytime if he had a question or a concern he wished to discuss.

- Water: Sam was very strict on drinking at least 1.5L of water per day. As we participated in the programme through the middle of winter this was challenging for our son, however it was definitely very effective and Sam repeatedly reinforced the importance of this.

- Quality alarm: The alarm we used was high quality which ensured it always activated and that there were never any missed opportunities.

We believe that these factors, Sam's knowledge combined with his mother's experience and the structured, consistent approach were all factors contributing to the success of the programme. Furthermore Sam being a younger, sporty male was able to form an instant relationship about what is an embarrassing issue for a teenage boy.

So far our son has been dry for about 6 months. It is reassuring to know however that if he does regress we have the instant support of Sam and a plan to get him back on track. We have no hesitation in recommending Sam to other parents- our only wish is that we had found him earlier.

In the interests of confidentiality we have changed the names of the people who have written testimonials for The Lemon Tree.