What causes bed wetting?

Simply put; the brain and bladder aren't talking to each other like yours and mine do. But hang in there, the program we run has a very good chance of helping your child beat their bed wetting problem.

01 Bed wetting is 95% hereditary - your child may
have inherited someone in your family's small
bladder or "slow to develop" nervous system.

02 20% of all 5 year olds wet the bed so it is a very
common problem.

03 60% of kids that are still wetting the bed past
the age of 6 years will still be wetting the bed at
age 10.

04 Do not punish your child for wetting the bed - the
worry of being punished may contribute to
continued wetting.

05 The program we operate has a 90%
success rate and was developed by clinical nurse
Chris Harkess, at the Princess Margaret Hospital
in Perth, Australia. In 1993 she was awarded the
International Baxter Nurse Excellence Award
for her work in the field of bed wetting
(nocturnal enuresis).

06 The alarm we use was developed by the
Ramsey Coote Company in Melbourne, which
was foundered in 1954. It is regarded by many
health professionals across NZ and Australia as
the "Rolls Royce" of bed wetting alarms.

07 Ramsey Coote have been making their bell and
pad alarms since 1954 so a lot of time, research
and fine tuning has gone into making these
alarms. Each has a replacement value of over
$2,000 so rest assured your child has
the best possible chance of getting dry with a
Ramsey Coote alarm.

08 Your child deserves the best and deserves the
opportunity to get dry.

09 Praise your child for being dry.

10 In order for this program to work your child
must be motivated to get dry. Their brain must
become the "boss of the bladder" and take
charge of the program - not have mum and dad
do the work for them.