It's more common
than you think.

01 No one likes to talk about bed wetting.

02 No one likes to admit that one of their kids is a
bed wetter.

03 We all know bed wetting causes stress for the
whole family.

04 Not all kids "grow out of it." Its best to seek
help as some kids can still be wetting the bed
into their teenage years.

05 Rest assured it is more common than you think
and there is a very effective solution at hand.

You are
not alone.

01 20% of all five year olds wet the bed.

02 It is estimated that 180,000 families in NZ are
affected or one in ten of all children under the
age of 15 wet the bed.

03 No child deliberately wets the bed - it's not
their fault and it's not yours.

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