What's in a name?

A big part of what we are want to do here at the Lemon Tree is break down a few stigma's about bed wetting. Yes it can be pretty traumatic for the people involved but its very common and nothing to be ashamed about. Growth comes from encountering obstacles that challenge us, working through them and coming out the other side - your son and daughter when they beat their bed wetting problem will have set a goal, worked hard and achieved it. That is pretty cool and a great life lesson.

It's a family thing...

Marg Eckhoff / Mum

Marg is literally the god mother of bed wetting in NZ. She has been working with kids for close to 20 years after starting a charitable trust in 1994 to help kids beat their bed wetting. She was trained by the late Chris Harkness from Perth, Australia - Chris was a nurse who helped literally hundreds of children over the years beat their bed wetting from her clinic at Princess Margaret Hospital.

Marg is a mother of 4 and grandmother of 7, wife of Gerry and works as a rural hospital nurse at Dunstan Hospital, a rural practice nurse in Alexandra and a prime nurse in Ranfurly, Central Otago.

She is brilliant - there is nothing she hasn't seen in this area - her experience and enthusiasm is invaluable in helping kids become the boss of their bladder.

Alice Eckhoff / Sister

Alice is based in Cromwell now after travelling and living around the world. She is a mum and a nurse with a background in Adult General Surgery and Paediatrics in New Zealand and Melbourne, Australia.

Alice trained as a bedwetting coach in 2001 in the Ramsey Coote Programme for the Roxburgh Bedwetting Charitable Trust and loves helping kids beat their bedwetting as a Lemon Tree Coach.

Sam Eckhoff / Me

After talking with my mum a couple years ago about the work she was doing in this area and the waiting lists through the public health system I decided to give it a go. I am a dad and live in Dunedin now after a lot of travelling, rugby and work around the world. I appreciate it's a bit random for a guy to become a bed wetting coach but I find it very rewarding. It's a pretty cool thing coaching teenage boys through the program and seeing them become dry.

I am a house doer upper during the day time and a bed wetting coach at night.

Given my back ground and age I get on pretty well with any boys who suffer from bed wetting - rugby / sport is a great way to break the ice.

So that's the team - between the three of us we cover the whole of New Zealand. Call us anytime, even if it just to find out more about bed wetting and we will do our very best to help.

Marg Eckhoff Alice Eckhoff Sam Eckhoff