the "Rolls Royce"

Lemon Tree always use Ramsey Coote Instruments as these are regarded by many health professionals across NZ and Australia as the "Rolls Royce" of bed wetting alarms.

The Bell & Pad
Alarm System

Ramsey Coote was founded in 1954 by Irene Ramsey and Peter Coote who developed the original bell and pad alarm system for the Australian market. The bell and pad concept was conceived when the couple were faced with the challenge of getting their child dry at night, following the failure of various other treatments led Peter Coote to design and build the first bell and pad alarm system.

Used Throughout Hospitals

Due to the success of their child overcoming their bedwetting at night (Nocturnal Enuresis), Ramsey Coote Instruments began as a manufacturer and treatment provider to children's hospitals, community health centres, medical practitioners and psychologists. The business made its mark in the Australian and New Zealand market as enuresis clinics and major hospitals began to see the high rate of success gained through the use of the bell and pad alarm system.

Product Development

The Ramsey Coote team is continually working with various hospitals and Enuresis clinics to develop and improve the effectiveness of the bell and pad alarm system, thus providing successful treatment support to many children, helping them become dry at night.

For the Children

After nearly 20 years of building the 'Ramsey Coote Instruments' name and reputation, Gordon Marshall and Janet Blainey turned the business over to Michelle Naughton who is currently navigating Ramsey Coote Instruments towards a bright future with support in the market and in potentially new product innovations. Ramsey Coote Instruments strives to continue to help children become dry at night, as they have done since 1954.